I Plan on Retiring Out of State in a Few Years, Can I Set Up a New Residence Early and Stop Paying Taxes in my Current State?

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“I am an airline pilot living in Georgia where I currently work. I jointly own a home here with my wife. In fact everything we own is held jointly. We plan on retiring in 3 years and moving to Florida. Can I get an address in Florida now, register to vote there, and get my drivers license there and stop paying income taxes on my pay in Georgia. In effect to the state of Georgia I will become one of hundreds of commuting airline pilots. I’m willing to put the house entirely in my wife’s name to make this happen. Also I’ll be happy to start filing Federal taxes married but separately.”

Question: You’re walking a fine line, beyond our scope here, and suggesting something that sounds like tax evasion. It does not sound like you actually live in Florida. If you are actually a resident of Georgia that would be where you need to file taxes. I would directly consult a tax attorney in both Georgia AND Florida to figure out if merely having an address in Florida, where apparently you do not live, is enough to avoid having to pay state taxes in Georgia where you actually reside. My gut says “no”, though you may get a “better” answer from an attorney where you live.