I let my Ex Boyfriend’s Parents put their Utility Bill in my Name and Now the Bills have Gone to Collections, What Should I do?

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“I had let my boyfriends mother and step-father put gas and electric and cable in my name to help them out because they couldn’t put it theirs at the time. This was last year and now both bills have gone to collections and I can not pay them i am only 19 years old and i don’t need bad credit. They had said if i put it in my name that they would pay it and i didn’t have to worry about it…And my ex boyfriend said that you would take care of it and he still hasn’t done anything and i believe i have given him enough time to do something…I am desperate to know what to do. Please tell me what would be the best thing for me to do.”

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You need to get your name off the bills. Call the companies in question and cancel your account. To avoid the negative credit report, you will probably need to pay off the bills. You likely have a claim against boyfriend, step-mother and step-father in small claims. You probably should not co-sign for people who you do not really trust, especially for people whose credit is so bad that they cannot get utilities turned on in their name. You are lucky to learn this lesson so young.

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