How Do We Prevent My In-Laws From Seeing My Children?

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‘My soon to be Mother-in-law’s boyfriend of 10 years plead guilty to molesting my 6 year old daughter back in January. It has been our decision to keep our children out of their lives because they believe the molester is innocent and our daughter (or we) made it all up. All gathered evidence says that it happened and the molester is lying. The family claims we forced him into lying under oath so he wouldn’t be sent to prison. Because of all the support against us, is there any legal action we can take to eliminate any and all grandparent rights and keep the grandmother and family away? We don’t want them to be thought of as family ever again.’

Question: You need to speak with an attorney in your area, as each jurisdiction is somewhat different in how they view these issues, but you should be able to request an injunction requiring that the boyfriend not be allowed within a certain distance of your daughter. As for the grandmother herself, again, each jurisdiction handles things somewhat differently, but generally speaking grandparents do not have legal rights to access to their grandchildren.