How Do I Get the Papers Taken Care of to Pick Up My Granddaughter Once She is Born from the Federal Prison Where My Daughter is Incarcerated?

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“My daughter is currently being held due to a federal case. She knows she is going to do some time. Her husband was just recently released from a state facility. He is on HIP. She is 8 months pregnant, due in about month. She is willing to give my husband and I temporary guardianship. The problem is the facility she is at doesn’t do any type of legal notarizing. And being a federal inmate, U.S. Marshalls dont/wont transport for any legal case except her federal case. How do I get something legal so I can pick up my granddaughter when she is born? We are in Louisville Kentucky. Please help, there isn’t much time.”

You need to consult with a family law attorney in Kentucky, and *fast*. They will be your best bet to determine what papers you need to file, and how to get the approval you need.