How Do I Get My Children Back?

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I was arrested in July 2013 for child endangerment and abandonment when two of my sons got outside unattended for eight minutes while I was in the bathroom. The police took my children to the police station, and myself and my husband, who wasn’t home at the time, to jail. Hours later CPS gained custody of my children and refused family members kinship care. My rights were terminated in July 2014 for no reason. They said it was for the best interest of the children. We were denied trial by jury and the judged terminated my parental rights. How can I get my children back? I am desperate. I just want my babies. We are now trying to get them with their grandparents but is there anything I can do? It’s not right that my children can be taken for no reason and not given back. What should we do?

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You need to contact a family law attorney for legal advice, guidance, and possible representation. A skilled family law attorney will be able to represent you with all legal options possible (applicable to your situation) in getting your children back. To start, you can visit a free family law legal clinic. You can discuss your situation and ask for a local attorney referral.

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