How Can My Husband Protect His Parental Rights?

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My husband in is a drug program at Putnamville Correctional Facility until March. Once he completes the program, he can get modified out to come back to Evansville to finish out his sentence which will require him to take drug tests everyday. He recently found out he could be the father of a child born in November. He had to go to court today with no notice by CPS that they were taking his parental rights. He has not had a chance to do anything and said the final hearing is in two weeks. Can they just do this to him in Indiana? I am more than willing to help him raise this child when he gets out. The mother’s parental rights were already taken some time ago. Is there anything we can do without having to come up with a lot of money we don’t have for a lawyer?

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Since you only have two weeks left, you might want to contact the court and request a continuance so you can either find an affordable lawyer to help you, or so your husband can put together a response and possibly file motions to protest the termination of his parental rights. Do some research to see if your court provides pro bono legal services. If so, make an appointment and obtain legal advice from an attorney who has experience with child custody cases.

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Author: House Attorney