How Can I Start Visitation With My Children?

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I gave temporary custody of my two children to my father. This occurred over seven years ago. I was supposed to see my children once a month for a half hour then all of a sudden nothing. My father just disappeared with my children. My rights were terminated by CPS and I could have had my children back that day, but my father for some reason decided that he could keep my kids for himself. First of all, how can I start visitation with my children? How do I get custody released back to me by a judge? How can I prosecute my father to the fullest extent of the law for denying me my children, kidnapping and what ever else I can do to him for what he’s done to me and my children?

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You will need a court order that grants you the legal right to visit your children. You stated that your father had temporary custody of your children. You may want to review the terms of the temporary order to see if he violated any therein. If so, you can file a motion demanding that he comply or forfeit his custodial rights and return custody back to you.

I noticed you mentioned that your rights were terminated. Based on your state law, you may want to challenge your termination (if it pertains to your parental rights) prior to filing a order for custody.

In regard to punishing your father for his behavior, if he did not violate the temporary custody order, then the court will not pursue any legal recourse against him.

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Author: House Attorney