How Can I Receive Child Support?

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I am a 16-years-old and unemployed.I want to know if there is a way to receive child support? I need to get back on my feet. I am currently living with my mother who has become increasingly difficult to deal with due to her boyfriend. He has unprovoked anger leading her to be physically abusive towards me. What can I do?

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Child support is provided for the financial benefit of a child. The purpose of child support is to protect the child from the economic impact of their parent’s separation.

In regard to your question, I am not clear as to whether you would like child support for your child, or if you would like child support for yourself (from your father – the non-custodial parent)?

If your parents have separated and your mother is not receiving child support, she can file a petition to get you the support you need. Hopefully you can use this money to improve your situation.

If you need child support for your child, you will likely have to establish paternity if your child’s father is not listed on his/her birth certificate. Once paternity is established, you will be able to file an action for support.

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Author: House Attorney