How Can 23 Year Old Sister Obtain Custody of Her 10 Year Old Sister?

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“I want to know what I need to do to get full custody of my 10 year old sister.  She is now living with both parents (California) and because of money issues they are both going to move out of the country (Mexico).  I want her to stay here with me and finish school.  I am a 23 year old, married with no children.  She really wants to move in with me but I’m not sure if her parents not being here there would be a problem at school?”

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The best way to handle issues like these is to open the lines of communication with your parents and the school to discuss the concerns and to see if the school has any resources to assist you.  It may be that it would be sufficient for your parents to make you the legal guardian of your sister, or it may be that your parents would need to let you adopt her. Contact an attorney who specializes in adoptions, possibly sibling adoptions if one is available in your area.   If finances are an issue, contact the local Bar Association and ask for a list of pro bono adoption attorneys, who will work either for free of for a fee based on income.

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