Girlfriend Moved and Left Boyfriend with Her Kids; What Can He Do?

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“My girlfriend of 12 years and her adult children were evicted from her apartment, and to help them out, I said they could live with me.  On 3/16/2012, she said she was going to her aunt’s place for weekend, and on Monday 3/19/2012, I received a text message that said she is leaving her two children (17 and 22) with me and is now living with her aunt.  My question is what can I do?  I am not their father and I have not heard from her since her last text.  To me this is so wrong; please need some help.”

This is certainly a tricky situation.  Try to open the lines of communication with you, your girlfriend, and her children.  If your girlfriend was able to move in with her aunt, why couldn’t her children move in with her as well?  Her younger child should be living with a parent or legal guardian, but her older child is free to go wherever he is welcome.  If you and your girlfriend cannot come to an agreement, you may want to try to find somewhere for her children to live if they are no longer welcome in your home, or if you feel it is necessary to involve the Court to deal with the welfare of the younger son, you should contact a family law attorney.