Ex Girlfriend Threatening to Expose Damaging Texts if She Doesn’t Get Money Owed to Her

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“My ex girlfriend sent a letter that is threatening to expose damaging texts to my parents if I don’t pay her back $200 right away. She gave me the money under her own free will & I agreed to pay her back when I had the money but this seems illegal. Is she committing coercion or extortion? Can I have her arrested? Please help me because I cant pay her back right now yet cant let her show these damaging texts.”

What you are talking about *could* be seen as a privacy issue, or maybe even a copyright issue, but quite possibly not as it has long been held that the recipient of a communication has nearly the same rights as does the initiator of the communication with respect to the communication.

More importantly, the reality is that it would cost you a whole lot more than $200 to press such a case.  Your best bet is to find a way to pay her back immediately, and sit down with her at a coffee shop and have her delete the texts before you hand her the cash.