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I Believe My Son Was Discriminated Against. Do I Have Legal Recourse?

My son was asked not to return to an after school program because he is autistic. He participated in the program last year, with no problems or behavior issues. I believe this is outright discrimination. Do we have any legal recourse? Read more [...]

Will I still Receive Widow Benefits if I get Remarried? Will it Effect my Children’s Benefits?

My husband was killed 3 years ago and I have been receiving widow benefits since then. My children also receive benefits. If I get remarried what will happen to my widow benefits? I also assume that my children will each continue to receive benefits to their 18th birthday regardless of my marital that correct? Read more [...]

Does My Mother Have to Pay the State Back for AFDC if She Never Received Child Support?

20 years ago my mother received AFDC for myself and 2 sisters for about 3 years as my Father did not pay child support. The inquiry was to find out the amount she was entitled to as they now want my Mother to pay the State of Wisconsin back for receiving AFDC. My Mother never did receive any child support from my father at this time. Isn't my father liable to pay this back to the state? Read more [...]

Social Security Benefits for Child of Deceased Parent Who Never Worked?

My son's father passed away before he was born. His father was only 18, and never worked. Now Social Security says we can not get any money in claim because he never worked. Read more [...]

Can I Have My Medicare Eligibility Re-evaluated Due to Loss of Child Support?

Can I have my eligibility for Medicare re-evaluated based on the loss of child support and the fact that I cannot work? Read more [...]

Do 401k Assets Belong to Both Spouses for Purposes of Medicaid?

Are 401K assets considered to belong to both husband and wife for the purpose of qualifying for Medicaid benefits? Read more [...]