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Can I Lease My Property For A Fee to the Town?

My town wants to use an easement on my property for traffic due to repairs of a bridge that they will close for about 1 year. Can this be leased with a fee to the town? Read more [...]

What Rights Do I Have to Protect My Property?

The town I live in wants to abandon my road due to cost of repair because it is sliding into the river. Read more [...]

Can the Township Exercise Control Over Our Condo Parking Lot?

I live in a condo association. After reassessing our street for correct parking due to neighbors complaining that they could not exit their driveways, the township remarked off proper parking. Read more [...]

Is it Legal for Bourough to Move Road Onto Our Property?

We have had a septic system on our land for 10 years and owned the property for 20 years . The bourough wants to move the road into our property over our septic system. Is this legal? I thought the septic system has been there so many years it’s a permanent structure? Read more [...]

Is There Recourse Against Neighboring Builder-owned Lot Not Being Maintained?

Our Ohio home is next to a undeveloped builder-owned lot. The builder does a terrible job of maintaining the property. We cut our lawn frequently and have our lawn treated. The undeveloped lot is not cut regularly or treated. In order to protect our yard from issues associated with this untreated property (weeds, etc.), my husband has maintained about 20 feet of that property adjacent to our yard for the last nine years. Read more [...]

Do I Need to Grant the Town the Right to an Easement on my Property? Can I Negotiate for Better Terms?

I purchased a commercial building in Maryland and attempted to get an occupancy permit for a tenant. The town conditioned approval with a request for me to grant easements to the town for the maintenance of sewer lines running under my property and to enter my property to inspect them. These easements, if granted, would severely limit my ability to add on to my building and park in my lot. If they don't agree to negotiate more favorable terms (to me) can I cap off the sewer lines with impunity? May they condition an occupancy permit on an unrelated grant of an easement to them? Read more [...]