Can the Township Exercise Control Over Our Condo Parking Lot?

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I live in a condo association. After reassessing our street for correct parking due to neighbors complaining that they could not exit their driveways, the township remarked off proper parking. I am in a handicap parking area all legally done and I am in no way parked in front of the neighbor’s driveway across the street. He said I am just fine. The township said they are going to move me down about 15 feet less eliminating the two end condos without a parking spot. My question is can they do this when I am not in anyone’s way. I went to the township meeting and they basically are doing what they want without taking into consideration that 2 of the home owners will have to park a block away. Thank you.

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If your question is whether the township can do what they want, the unfortunate answer is probably yes. Unless there is a specific rule (law, code, procedure, etc.), governmental bodies generally have a great deal of discretion in these matters.

That having been said, there are a whole lot of rules out there, and there’s a good chance there is one that applies to your parking situation. However, finding that rule, and applying it effectively to your situation, is something you’ll need a local attorney to help you with.

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