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Can Someone Record Me Without My Consent?

Is it legal for someone to come to my garage sale and videotape his shopping and my interactions with him without me knowing it and then putting it on YouTube? Read more [...]

Am I Liable For The Stolen Skate Box?

I live in a apartment complex and I used this skateboarding box that one of my friends bought off someone for 50 dollars. Read more [...]

Can I Share A Recorded Voicemail?

Can a person be taped by a voicemail being sent to a friend, then leaving the voicemail on and tape a conversation and use it at any time against them? Read more [...]

What Does It Mean When A Lawyer Passes A Hearing?

What does it mean when a lawyer passed the hearing that was set for Monday? Read more [...]

Should I Call the Police on My Neighbor?

What can I do? My neighbor is throwing dog feces on my front porch, carport, and the front wall of my home. Read more [...]