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Can an HOA Force Me to Shut Down a Community Website Because the URL Contains the Community Name and Information?

Can an HOA force me to shut down a community website because the website URL is the community name and the website includes information about the management company, floor plans, and meeting notes? Read more [...]

Is it Illegal for My Neighbor to Monitor What I do on My Internet?

Is it illegal for my neighbor to monitor what I do on my internet? I have a wpa2 security protocol and I keep changing my password but they keep getting on somehow. If it is illegal can I go to the police? I am living in the state of NY. Read more [...]

Is Material Found on the Internet Considered Public Domain?

I am a writer and occasionally would like to use illustrations on my blog site. If I find a picture, illustration, graphic, etc., on the Internet may I copy, paste, re-size it to include it in a blog posting without getting prior approval unless specifically required? If the material is "out there" on the Internet is it considered in the public domain and available for public use? Read more [...]

My Infant Daughter’s Grandparents are Posting Pictures of Her Online Without My Permission. How Can I Stop Them?

I have an infant daughter and her grandparents are posting pictures of her online, without my permission. I've asked them nicely to take them down and they have not complied. Can I sue them to make them stop? Read more [...]

Can my Ex File a Restraining Order Against for Emails?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and I have been emailing her a few times over the last week. My question is, if i stop calling her...which i have...but if i send her an email from time to time, which are again friendly and nonthreatening, is this grounds for me to get into trouble? Would I have to be notified if a restraining order was indeed placed against me? Also, could she file a restraining order against me for friendly emails? Read more [...]

How to Find Countries that Allow Gambling Advertising Online

I am looking for a country, where I can legally host a site advertising internet casinos and poker rooms. I would like to advertise worldwide gambling operators, but usually it is allowed to advertise only these gambling operators that are located in (or licensed by) particular country. Is there any country, that dose not use such restrictions and allow to advertise gambling even, if the operator is not located in or licensed by this country? Read more [...]