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Will I Receive My Child’s Father’s Tax Return?

My child's father said he received a notice from the DHS saying his federal and state tax return was being garnished for back child support. Read more [...]

Do I Get to Deduct Those Payments for Tax Purposes?

I read the answer regarding tax relief for non-custodial parents. My question is regarding joint custody. Since we have joint custody, but the child’s primary residence is not with me, I pay child support. Do I get to deduct those payments for tax purposes? My ex claims the child as a dependent. Read more [...]

Can I Send a Letter From the IRS to the Court and My Ex, Rather Than the Tax Return?

I have recently received a request signed by the Circuit Court Clerk that I have to send a copy of our 2011 Tax Returns to the court as well as to my ex-wife. I will send them to the court for review by a judge as an order but I don't feel that my ex-wife needs to see that personal information. Yesterday I received a Letter of Intent to Levy for the balance due to the IRS for 2011 nonpayment. My wife and I are currently unemployed and are making arrangements to set up a payment plan with the IRS. Read more [...]

Is Wife Responsible for Tax Payments Owed by Soon-to-be Ex?

I live in NJ and am getting divorced from my husband. He has an outstanding tax bill for cigarettes he purchased "tax free". I've previously called NJ and was told that because it was his credit card and for personal consumption, I have no liablity. I just want to get your advice before the divorce is settled to ensure there won't be taxation attempts to garnish my wages, since he does not work. Read more [...]

Ex Wants to go Renege on Divorce Agreement and Claim All Kids on Taxes

Hi, I just finalized my divorce this month, in the state of Arizona. My ex and I have 3 children together. In the papers I agreed that my ex would claim the oldest each year, and the youngest every other year. I just went on the IRS website and realized that I did not have to agree to this, the court mediator said I didn't have a choice that I had to let him claim the children that way because he was paying support for the kids, (althought he hasn't paid anything since he moved out, a year ago.) Read more [...]

My Husband Failed to File his Taxes Prior to our Marriage, Am I Responsible for these Past Due Taxes?

If my husband failed to file state tax returns prior to our marriage, am I now responsible to pay the past due taxes? Read more [...]