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Will I Need to Pay a Death Tax Upon My Elderly Mother’s Death?

My Mother has a Family Trust and upon her death everything will come to me. We live in Oregon. She is now 92 and I am 72. Upon her death do I need to pay a Death Tax? Read more [...]

Can My Daughter Be Claimed As A Dependant?

I have been raising my daughter since she was 3-months-old. I am not her biological parent. She had minimal contact with her birth parents. She is informally adopted to me. I had power of attorney to be able to make all decisions needed. They had insurance through their jobs for her until she was 3 or 4. Read more [...]

Will My Temporary Disability Wages Be Garnished?

I am about to have hip surgery. I still owe an outstanding balance on an old state tax and I have a debt with a county facility. Once I am on temporary disability, will my checks be garnished? I am the “bread winner” at home and my fiance only works part-time. I am almost the sole income provider. How bad could this affect me? Read more [...]

Can I Get in Trouble by the IRS for Having My Tenants Give Me Rent in Cash, or a Check Made Out to Cash?

I have an angry tenant who is threatening to turn me into the IRS because I have a cash, or check made out to cash. policy for collecting rent. This apartment is in the basement of my home and tenants have to walk thru my mud room / laundry to get to the apartment door. The rent is $550 a month. Would the IRS take such menial case on as this? Read more [...]

How to Determine Property Rights When Will is Unclear

My great grandparents bought some town lots in 1906 at a town site in Texas that doesn’t exist anymore. It was near a salt and alkaline lake. My grandmother, and then my mother, and now I am paying taxes on it. No one has ever offered to buy these lots in a hundred years. Last July someone did and was trying to buy the lots of other descendants of the original settlers. Read more [...]

My Parent’s Have a Property Tax Lien on Land on Which I Have a Home. Does This Affect Me?

My home is on land my parents own, on which I recently discovered they have a property lien for unpaid taxes. Am I at risk of losing my home? Read more [...]