Can My Ex-Husband Take My Property?

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My 14-year-old daughter who I have full custody of has decided to move in with her father, who she has not spoken to in 2 years (her own choice). Well I got a call from her school and they told me she has been forging my name on “Fs” she has made. She is now failing some her classes and I have also found out through her cell phone that she is cursing, talking about gangs, taking inappropriate pictures of herself, and calling me horrible names in texts. Needless to say she was in trouble and now has decided to move in with her dad (which is fine maybe he can help her). My issue is now he is wanting everything in her room, the furniture, the bed, the brand new flat screen tv that is mounted on the wall, and the iPhone that I took away for what I found on it. Can he legally take this stuff? I am sure once this settles she will come and visit. Can the court make him provide stuff at his house?

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If you own the property, then the court cannot force you to give it to him. However, the court may request for you to provide your ex-husband with the child support he needs to provide for your daughter while residing with him. You should consult with a local attorney to find out if it is in your best interest to have your child custody agreement modified to better suit your situation.

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