Can I Take Legal Action if a Maintenance Worker Entered My Apartment Without My Permission?

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‘Earlier today I was getting ready for school when a maintenance staff member entered my apartment without knocking. They did not have permission, and did not give a 24 hour notice. The staff member saw me naked. He quickly apologized and left. I no longer feel safe here and they broke the terms of lease by entering without notice. What legal actions can be taken in this case?’

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You are correct that the owners or their representatives (staff) are not generally permitted to enter your unit without warning or permission. However, it’s not clear why this happened. If, for example, the staff member was supposed to be working on a different unit but accidentally mixed up the numbers, it’s not likely to be legally actionable.

In terms of your concerns about safety, you may want to talk to the management. Options would include moving, of course, but perhaps you would feel safer if you got permission to change the locks such that it would be more difficult for them to enter your unit accidentally?

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