Can I Sue My Neighbor for Destroying My Property?

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Recently the land around us was purchased. The new owner came onto our property and bulldozed it. There is around 20-30 ft that was bulldozed. We got a survey done after he did this and the survey shows how many feet he came onto our property and destroyed. What can we do? Is it worth suing over? What kind of lawyer would we need?

What your neighbor did was trespassed on and damaged your property. As a general matter, that means he or she is responsible for the cost of the damage done.

The first thing I would do (after getting a survey to confirm where the property line is, which you did) is find out how much the damage is. What was bulldozed, and how much will it cost to put it back the way it was? That information will tell you a lot about whether it’s worth pursuing.

Then, before you start suing, you might want to talk to the neighbor. Assume (at least for now) that this was an honest mistake and see if you can just get the damage paid for voluntarily.

Failing that, you would be looking for a real estate attorney, one who does litigation.