Can I Sue Me Neighbor For Damaging My Water Line?

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I have lived in my home for 10 years now. Three years ago my neighbor gave his daughter a piece of property behind my home. They never got a proper survey, and by going off the plot plan only, they ended up putting the water tap and water line across my property. They also have electric, cable and phone utilities on my property. They destroyed an area of my yard 150 feet long and 19 feet wide, and we have not been able to use our second driveway or let our children play in the entire yard. We received an estimate of $3,750 to fix the ground back to how it was, and we want the money my wife and I had to put out of our pocket for surveyor and court fee’s. What are our rights? My wife and I now have 2 water taps on our property and we can not afford a lawyer. Thank you for your time and I looking forward to your response.

Your neighbor is most likely trespassing on your property. That’s an issue that’s best handled by an attorney, since it is likely to get complicated. The out-of-pocket costs may be something you can recover in small claims court, but of course that won’t resolve the fact that you have the extra tap and water line on your property.