Can I Be Held Liable If I Remove My Neighbor’s Blinds From My Property?

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I live in a mobile home park. When I was not home my neighbor came on my property and hung up blinds on the outside of his car port. The park rules say he needs to get permission and then have them put up by a professional on the inside of his carport. They hang in my yard. He refused to go by park rules. The manager talked to him but he does as he pleases. Would I have the legal right to take them down since they hang in my yard and blow in my yard when it is windy?

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Unfortunately, it really depends. Although your neighbor is not following the park rules, that doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Park rules may limit your rights in this situation, so I would ask this question of the manager and/or review the park rules yourself before proceeding.

Whether or not you have the right to move the blinds, keep in mind that the blinds themselves are your neighbor’s property, and you could be responsible for any damage you cause to them. If you do make any changes, be sure to document their condition before and after, ideally with photographs or video.

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Author: House Attorney