Can HOA Hold Community Event in Street in Front of Homeowners Property?

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“Can HOA members hold a community-wide event in front of a homeowner’s property without their consent? I live in a community in Maryland that does not have a common area property for recreational purposes.  During an HOA meeting attended by one of my neighbors, it was learned that a community-wide cookout was scheduled to take place on our cul-de-sac.  The cookout will potentially bring 200 or more people to our cul-de-sac.  No prior notice was given to me or any of the other property owners.   We sent a written notice to the HOA members opposing the event. Can the HOA proceed with the cookout?  What legal rights do we have as homeowners?”

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Who owns the area where the cookout is scheduled to occur?  What rights do the owners have, and have the owners given permission?  Do you, as the neighboring landowner, have any particular access rights that oughtn’t be interfered with?

All of these questions, and probably some more, need to be answered before you can answer your question.  And the answers are probably found in your HOA documents.

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