Can a Landlord Discriminate Against Us Because We are Not Married?

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“I have recently moved in with my boyfriend who is on a month-to-month lease with his landlord. His landlord has told us that he will not let us live in the apartment because we are not married. Is this a form of religious discrimination? We live in the state of TN and could really use some help fast. His landlord called tonight and said that I had to be out in 3 days.”

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It’s generally permissible for a landlord to limit the stay of “guests” (defined as adults who are not on the lease or rental agreement). However, if the landlord didn’t give you an opportunity to be added to the lease but instead refused to rent to the two of you because you are unmarried, he might indeed be in violation of fair housing laws. Contact your local Fair Housing department; they should be able to give you some guidance on the laws in your area.

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