Before Ending a Bad Relationship, We Bought a Car Together, How Can I Get My Name Removed From the Car Loan?

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“I have just ended a bad relationship, but before we decided to part ways, we bought a car together. He took the car. We got this car in September 2012. Is it too soon for him to have it refinanced in his name only? If he refuses to have it refinanced, what are my options? How can I get my name removed from this car loan? Please help!”

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You need to get him to refinance the loan in his name as soon as possible. As long as your name is on the note, you are liable for the car payments regardless of who uses the car. When you bought the car, who took title? Do you co-own the car, or do you have any written agreements about the arrangement? Without supporting paperwork, you could ultimately be stuck with the car loan, tickets, or other liabilities if you ex-boyfriend refuses to have the car refinanced and titled in his name alone.

This sounds like something you need to get resolved as soon as possible, and you should consult with an attorney in your area who will be able to better review the facts of your situation and help remedy the situation.

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