Will I Have to Pay Retroactive Child Support?

If a man does not know he is the father of a child, and finds out at the child's 13th birthday that he is, can the state order him to pay back child support? Read more [...]

Am I Liable For Running Over An Unleashed Dog?

My fiance hit an unleashed dog that darted into the street. His owner was outside but he was not on a leash. Read more [...]

Am I Liable For The Neighbor’s Driveway Damage My Son Caused?

Hello! I'm hoping you can help us and provide some advice on how to handle an incident that occurred last week. My son drove around the neighborhood, including my neighbors driveway and marked it up with a small motorized scooter. There was also a new blacktop driveway that was put in recently next door that connects four houses. Read more [...]

Am I Liable For The Damage Caused By My Neighbor’s Faucet Break?

About 4 years ago I was in the process of renovating my new home. At about that time, my neighbor had a very rusty and corroded (I have pictures to prove this) outdoor faucet break and it caused damage to the inside of their home. Read more [...]

Am I Responsible For The Damage I Caused To My Neighbor’s Property?

A pipe from my property cracked and was leaking water into the neighbor's yard, ultimately flooding his basement. Read more [...]

Am I Liable For The Damaged Water Line On My Neighbor’s Property?

I purchased my home a year ago which has an underground lawn sprinkler system that was installed by the previous owners. My neighbor is planning to put up a fence in the next couple of weeks. Both he and I had the land surveyed and the property lines were staked. Read more [...]

Am I Trespassing Onto My Neighbor’s Property?

My husband and I have lived in our house for almost 13 years now. Before we bought our home we reviewed the survey and were aware that our neighbors fence was to their backyard which was 5 ft from the edge of our driveway and the edge of our driveway is the property line. The previous owners of our home put in a sprinkler system and there are 5 sprinkler heads and a valve box that are on the property that is technically our neighbors. Read more [...]

Am I Obligated to Pay Rent?

My father-in-law moved me, my husband, and our kids from Arkansas to Tennessee. He bought us a trailer house and put it on his property. Read more [...]

Am I Legally Married?

In 1991, I married my spouse. About 3 years later, we separated and I moved to California. I filed for a divorce in California and went on to remarry in 2003. I later found out that the judge never signed the divorce in California. I later was granted the divorce but after I was remarried. Read more [...]

Am I Subject to My HOA’s Weed Abatement Law?

We own undeveloped land in Arizona in a neighborhood that is governed by a HOA. I received a phone call on Saturday stating that I have until Wednesday to remove the weeds or they will do it for me and bill me the cost. I looked in our rules and regulations and found that I should be given a friendly letter giving me 14 days to take care of the matter. Read more [...]

Am I Liable for Unpaid Utility Bills in Which My Landlord Agreed to Pay?

I moved to Indiana to work and when I got there we found this home that was great, but the landlord turned out to be an idiot! We moved into a home that was filthy and needed major work (what was funny he moved out as we moved in and he knew we were coming). Read more [...]

Am I Liable for My Contractor’s Damage?

My Miami, Florida contractor accidentally poked a hole in a water pipe while placing baseboard, causing extreme water damage to the unit below me and some common areas in condominium, like hallways and walls. Read more [...]

Am I Liable for the Lawn Mower Expenses?

Thank you for your time in addressing my situation. I was recently served a civil paper in regard to a riding lawn mower I sold. The mower was sold with no warranty even though we never put that into writing. The sale was made several months ago. I delivered the mower and showed how it operates and runs to the buyer before they made the purchase. Two months later they send me information stating the mower is not running and wish a refund. I let them know the mower was sold with no warranty and was theirs but I was willing to come by and assist them if possible to get it running. I was able to meet them only once and they left the key on so the battery was dead when I got there. I do not believe I am liable for the return of monies because they now can not get the mower to start. Can you advise me if I am incorrect in this belief. Thank You. Read more [...]

Am I Legally Married to My New Husband?

m>I filed for a divorce in California after being separated for 5 years. I did my own divorce. I submitted all the forms via mail. I went to court in January and the judge said as of this date you are divorced and will receive a judgment in the mail. A week or two later I got a copy of the court proceeding papers (copy of what was agreed/granted in court) stating marital status terminates - dated February. In April, I get remarried. 5 months late, I finally get a Notice of Entry of Judgment with a different date stamped on it. The effective date of termination of martial status states Sept. The Entry of Judgment states that neither party should remarry until effective date (Sept). I got married in April. Is my marriage to husband #2 invalid (void)? .If so, does that mean the marriage became valid after the divorce final date? Do I need to marry husband #2 again? Any help would really be appreciated. Read more [...]

Am I Obligated to Meet Him?

Hi. I live in Florida and have been divorced for 3 years. My ex and I share custody of our two children. We have always had about 50/50 when it comes to visitation. Recently, he told me that he is planning on moving 3 hours away this summer and would like to have the children once a month, on the weekend. He wants me to drive half way to meet him for pick up and drop off. I have a few questions about the move. Am I obligated to meet him in the middle for drop offs and pick ups? During the summer, when he has the children for visitation, do I pay for camps he puts them in (as I get child support), or is he responsible? Can parents have shared custody when they live 3 hours apart or should the primary residential parent have sole custody? Lastly, if the children will now be living with me almost all of the time, is he able to claim one of the children on taxes, or do I claim them as they will be with me almost always? Read more [...]

Am I Liable for a Joint Vehicle Being Repossessed if My Husband and I are Separated?

My husband and I have been separated since May of this year. I have not started the legal paperwork yet for a divorce. We are joint co-signers on a vehicle that he kept in his possession after the split. This vehicle was repossessed this past weekend. Can the finance company come after me for wage garnishment or such? Do I have any rights in this situation? Read more [...]

Am I Due Bail Money Back if My Case was Dismissed in My Favor?

I was given a desk appearance ticket in December 2011, and the police deptartment set the bail at $50. My attorney came and bailed me out and I paid him back later that week. The case was dismissed in my favor on July 27th 2012. I haven't received the bail money back. I did some research and found out that this was considered "police bail" and should have been released after I appeared for my first court appearance, which was many months ago? Read more [...]

Am I Entitled to Damages After I was Falsely Accused of a Crime that Resulted in an Arrest and Jail?

I was recently falsely accused of a crime, arrested and jailed for 8 days. After 17 months of worrying whether the charges were going to land me in prison, they were dropped. Now my family has disowned me. Am I entitled to money damages for the state of Florida ruining my life? Read more [...]

Am I Liable if My Dog Bit Someone Who Came On to My Property to Hand Out Fliers?

I live in Michigan. Over 3 months ago my 6 year old went out to play & the children’s’ dog went out with him (we live in the country). A lady handing out fliers for a person running for office parked in the mouth of our drive, got out & quickly approached our house. As she got close to our son the dog grabbed her coat at her elbow, she jerked her arm, my daughter (who was 17) asked her if she was okay. Read more [...]

Am I Responsible for Mother’s Equity Loan if She Passes?

My mother took out a home equity loan 5 years ago. She quit claimed the deed with joint tenants with rights of survivorship January 2012 to me. Am I responsible, after she dies, for the equity loan? Read more [...]

Am I Responsible for Unauthorized Bill for Easement Property?

I have a Swimming Pool easement with my next-door neighbor. The easement includes a bathroom with a toilet. My next-door neighbor hired a plumber to unclog the toilet, however he did not contact me about this toilet problem. He wants me to pay for part of the $680.00 bill. I live in Tiburon, CA. Am I responsible for this bill? Read more [...]

Am I Entitled to Proof That I’ve Satisfied a Stipulation?

I have satisfied a Stipulation in Lieu of Foreclosure. I would like a letter to that effect for my files but I'm being told the case is closed and no letter will be sent. How might I go about obtaining a letter? Read more [...]

Am I Eligible to Receive Welfare Now That I Have Custody of my Niece?

My niece was recently released from a group home in NC. She is bipolar and ADHD and is on quite a bit of medication. I have applied for Medicaid and it is pending. Is there any type of assistance I can apply for through the state ( Florida) or govt to help support her? Read more [...]

Am I Allowed to Build a Fence on my Property if it Crosses a Portion of an Easement?

There is an access easement on my property so that my neighbor can access his yard (they use my driveway). I am wanting to build a fence on my property line which would cross a small portion at the end of the easement. I would not be hindering his access to his backyard, but he is against my building the fence. Would I legally be able to build the fence as long as I am not keeping him from getting into his backyard (egress and ingress)? Read more [...]

Am I Allowed to Landscape the Easement on my Property?

The Dominant tenant has a right to cross my backyard to access her own backyard. The easement is 6 feet wide. Am I allowed to develop this area of land at all (low wood deck, asphalt, concrete etc). I do not intend to impede her access at all. Read more [...]

Am I Legally Responsible for Paying Overdraft fees and Returned Check Fees to the Payee of my Bounced Check?

I am paying my brother in law for a van. I just bounced a payment. He is asking for the check payment, five overdraft fees and a return check fee. I wanted to know what was i legally responsible to pay back? Read more [...]

Am I Able to Obtain Life Insurance for my Child’s Biological Father If we were Never Married?

From a legal standpoint, would I be able to obtain a life insurance policy on my child's biological father? I was never married to the child's father and the child does not carry his last name. Read more [...]

Am I Allowed to Decide What my Ex Does During his Timeshare If I Feel that it Effects the Health and Welfare of My Child?

My final judgment, in the state of Florida, states that I have sole decision making authority for the health, education and welfare of my son; but that I should also make good faith efforts to include his father in the decision making process. I called my son's father to discuss after care and the benefits of having our son stay with the facility he has been at since he was 1 1/2 yrs old. But he refused to discuss the best interests of our son and wanted his "karate school" to pick him up everyday. Am I allowed to make these decisions since it does pertain to our son's best interests, eliminates additional stress and confusion (also for his new kindergarten school), and will help with his continued education? Read more [...]

Am I Liable for the PreMarital Debts, Settlements and Judgements of My Spouse?

Can a spouse's income be used to satisfy premarital settlements and judgements against the other spouse for an accident which occurred before the marriage? It depends. Read more [...]