Am I Responsible for Child Support for a Child Born During an Affair Who Was Raised by Another Man?

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Question: I recently saw my 20 year old son, whom I met briefly when he was 10 years old, on a social site. His mom was my married neighbor and she remained married to her husband for 10 years after we had a fling. I moved away shortly after our affair. She told me I was the father but paternity was never ordered or established. Shortly after I met him she moved away and I didn’t know where she moved. I was wondering if there anyway, in the state of Ohio, I can be ordered to pay any monies now like child support or anything else? Thanks for your time.

Answer: If your son is in Ohio, he is now considered an adult (after 18), and you would have no legal obligation to him, unless he has special needs that made him require a higher level of care than a typical 20 year old. In addition, in some states, a child born of a marriage is legally presumed to be the child of the husband, a legal presumption that can be hard to overcome. If you haven’t been hit up for child support, or other support yet, it’s unlikely that you would be. However, if you do end up receiving a demand for support, you should immediately consult a family law attorney in the state in which the action is brought.