Am I Legally Married to My New Husband?

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I filed for a divorce in California after being separated for 5 years. I did my own divorce. I submitted all the forms via mail. I went to court in January and the judge said as of this date you are divorced and will receive a judgment in the mail. A week or two later I got a copy of the court proceeding papers (copy of what was agreed/granted in court) stating marital status terminates – dated February. In April, I got remarried. 5 months later, I finally got a Notice of Entry of Judgment with a different date stamped on it. The effective date of termination of martial status was dated for Sept. The Entry of Judgment states that neither party should remarry until effective date (Sept). I got married in April. Is my marriage to husband #2 invalid (void)? .If so, does that mean the marriage became valid after the divorce final date? Do I need to marry husband #2 again? Any help would really be appreciated.

Based on the information you provided, it appears as though you married your second husband in Texas while you were still legally married to your first husband in California, If this is in fact true, then your second marriage may be deemed voidable under Texas State law. You should talk with a local family law attorney that is familiar with voidable marital status. You may have to get remarried to your second husband to have a valid legal marriage in Texas.