Am I Eligible to Receive Welfare Now That I Have Custody of my Niece?

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“My niece was recently released from a group home in NC. Her mother is deceased and father unknown. She is bipolar and ADHD and is on quite a bit of medication. I have applied for Medicaid and it is pending. I was laid off recently and looking for a job. My husband makes about 48k a year, but it takes most of that for our bills. Is there any type of assistance I can apply for through the state ( Florida) or govt to help support her? She is 15 yrs old. Thanks for any help you can provide.”

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Your first step in order to get the maximum assistance you need is to make sure that you have something which documents that you legal guardianship or custody of your niece. With that, you should be able to apply for food stamps, medical assistance, and perhaps even financial assistance. In addition, as a minor, your niece may be eligible to receive Social Security based on her mother’s circumstance; your local Social Security office should be able to let you know your options.

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