Who Pays for What and in Which State Would the Adoption be Initiated and Finalized?

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A pregnant woman in Missouri wants to have her child adopted by a family she has already picked that resides in Georgia. Who pays for what and in which state would the adoption be initiated and finalized? Thank you for your time!

The family seeking to adopt the child will likely be responsible for the costs of the adoption. Since the mother resides in Missouri, and the child will be a legal resident of the state, the adoption process will occur here.

Most states do permit out-of-state adoptions. There are strict guidelines and regulations that must be followed in order for the out-of-state family to legally adopt the child.

For instance, the out-of-state family will have to meet certain adoption guidelines and be approved by a licensed adoption agency within their locale in addition to meeting similar standards in Missouri. You should contact your local government agency that handles the administration of adoptions for more information.