What to do When you Disagree with your Ex About your Child’s College Expenses

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“My ex-wife and I had an agreement in our decree ( not a court order) to “half college expenses” for our daughter. At the time, we intended our daughter would attend an in-state public college as we did. However, my ex-wife now expects me to pay half of out-of-state tuition (which is twice the cost), because my daughter wants to be on the swim team but was not offered a scholarship. Would the court require me to pay half of out-of-state expenses, or is the agreement too vague to enforce?”

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Some states have laws that would require some payments for post- secondary education under some circumstances, whether or not you have an agreement. It sounds like it would be difficult to enforce your agreement to the extent that your daughter chose to go to a more expensive school, but it might be enforceable to some amount. You do not want this to end up in litigation though, so reasonable expenses based on the tuition of a school she did get into might be a compromise position to take.

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