What to do When you are Unable to Pay for Court Ordered Medical Insurance for your Child

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“What can I do about having a court order issued to provide medical insurance of my child when I can’t afford to pay the premium? This is not an attempt to not provide coverage but I simply can not afford it. If I could my 3 other children who live with me and my wife would all have medical coverage from my employer, but they don’t. In fact my children are on medicaid because I can’t afford medical insurance for them.”

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It is not clear here against whom you would like a court order issued; a medical insurance company? An employer? An ex-spouse? Based on the wording of your question, we are guessing that you mean an ex-spouse.

It is possible to have a child’s other parent ordered to provide medical insurance; typically the Court will order whomever has employer-provided medical insurance to provide it for the child, often with the parents either splitting the premium, or the cost of the premium being factored in to the support calculation.

In order to get the Court to issue such an order, you will need to request a hearing through your local court system.

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