What to do When Falsely Accused at Work

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“My husband is currently employed by a “Top Notch Company Nation Wide”. He was going into work this week before his shift when he noticed that his pants were becoming loose. He wears “nursing” pants with the drawstrings. Well, there were 2 females approaching so he turned to the other door facing away and tied his drawstrings. He went on into work and began working. Shortly after a manager approached and took him to the office, where he was greeted my HR Rep, Head Manager, Shift Manager, Team Manager. They confronted my husband with urinating outside the building on his way in, and claimed ” 2 witnesses” saw him. My husband was outraged he would of never do that , especially at work. Well my husband told them to review the videotape and see, because he didn’t do such a thing. They advised my husband to clean out his locker, turn in his lock, and his badge. They were suspending him pending an investigation and he was told to report to the HR department the following morning at 9:00 a.m. Well he went , and they agreed they were indeed wrong, as he did not urinate the camera clearly showed he was tying his pants. However, since they walked my husband out in front of about 300 people, including all his managers…gossip from management to employees spread, from he was “playing with himself” to he “urinated” on a passerby. My question is does he have any legal recourse for falsely being accused, losing a nights worth of pay ( about 140.00), and being humiliated. They have reinstated his job, however the rumors have made it almost impossible for him to stay strong and tough and get through the shifts. Is he entitled to something to make this right?”

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Your husband should consult with an experienced employment lawyer in your local area. He may have a good claim for the creation of a hostile work environment, or other claim based on the fact that his employer has created a situation where it is now embarrassing and even painful for him to go to work.

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