What Happens When I Show Up for My Court Date After Being Served with Papers for Violating a No Contact Order?

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“What happens when I show up for my court date after being served with papers, via mail, for violating a no contact order? Im in mississippi. Simpson county, Magee Ms”

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That will depend entirely on the facts of the violation, and the actual language of the no contact order.  For example, if you “violated” it by accidentally showing up where the other party was – or were tricked into showing up where they were – and left immediately, without exchanging any words or other communication, then it’s possible that nothing will happen.  On the other hand, if you intentionally contacted them, in violation of the order, you may be looking at incarceration or probation.  Whatever the case, your best bet would be to get a good attorney to come to court with you.

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