What Does ‘Major Decisions’ Refer to in a Child Custody Agreement or Order?

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I have a child custody agreement made by my ex-wife and myself through NJ state court. I wanted to know if you could define what “major decisions” mean? The reason I ask is that my ex-wife hired an
attorney and they are asking me if I am willing to modify my parenting time schedule. I am most certainly not willing and have spent over 2 years to get this schedule with my son. So what it comes down to is what “major decisions” means? They are trying to tell me “major decisions” is my parenting time schedule and I don’t believe that is correct.

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Typically, ‘major decisions’ means the extent of control over issues like health, education, or the general welfare of your child. If you are uncomfortable with the agreement’s language, you may want to contact a family law attorney in New Jersey to go line by line through the agreement to make sure that you can abide by its terms, and, if not to help you to get it modified. The very fact that your ex-wife has an attorney now suggests that you’d better get one, if you haven’t already. Unfortunately, the reality is that representing oneself in court, particularly if your ex has an attorney, is a sure way to lose.

What Does 'Major Decisions' Refer to in a Child Custody Agreement or Order?
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What Does 'Major Decisions' Refer to in a Child Custody Agreement or Order?
My custody order refers to "major decisions", what does that actually mean? My ex-wife got a lawyer and is asking me to change our parenting time schedule.

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