What Can I do to Force The Contractor to Fix the Error and Make the Correction?

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I am in process of having my kitchen renovated. I did not get a utility drawer for my utensils. The company representative stated that it should have been installed and that he was going to call the manufacture to find out what happened. He stated that he would get back to me and also said that it was too late to correct anything. All the materials have been paid for and I currently owe a balance for labor. What can I do to force the contractor to fix the error and make the correction?

You can send a demand letter to the contractor requesting him to correct the error. You should cite to the language in your contract that discusses the installation of the utility drawer and any terms that protect you regarding incomplete work.

If the contractor fails to complete the installation of the utility draw once the letter is received, then you may consider having another contractor build a drawer and sue the original contractor for damages which would total the costs of hiring another contractor to perform the job and any additional fees therein.