What are the Laws Pertaining to Co-owning a House with a Now Ex Girlfriend?

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“My ex girlfriend has told me she bought a house with me when she was not happy and didn’t love me 6 months ago. We split up a month later and I moved out. I don’t want to buy her out, I can’t anyway. I would like to sell and both move on. She wants to keep it and pay me what I put in,  but I’m not happy she used me to get a house. Now she’s taking me to court. Do I stand a chance of them ordering the sale if I explain my  reasons?  Will it cost me if she makes the order?  I feel down by her  and I won’t help.”

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In most states, co-owners are entitled to “partition” of the property, which as a practical matter with houses means selling the property and splitting the sale proceeds.  Which is what you say you want.  So my question is, what is your ex suing you for, if not partition?

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