What Are My Tenant Property Rights?

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I live in an apartment that is privately owned. I have had an issue with roaches for the last 5 months. I have talked to the property management company about the situation. They told me that because all the neighbors have them also, it is the responsibility of the HOA of the complex. I have contacted Health and Environment and nothing is getting resolved. I have gotten extremely sick and missed so many days from work I got fired. Now I am dealing with no job, roaches and no help. I have lived here going on 2 years and never complained until now. What are my rights as a very unhappy tenant?

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You didn’t mention what the HOA’s response was, but I’m guessing from the general tone that it wasn’t positive. It seems like everyone is playing “pass the buck” with you, which can be very frustrating.

However, this is clearly someone’s responsibility. You say you’re a tenant, so who is your landlord, and why isn’t your landlord takin care of this? It may not be the landlord’s responsibility, but it’s certainly their responsibility to get on the responsible party.

If you’re not getting any satisfaction there, that may be enough to break your lease. Admittedly, that might have been a more attractive option when you were still employed, but it’s an option. Before you do so, however, we strongly recommend you consult with a landlord-tenant attorney in your area who can advise you of the risks and benefits.

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