What Are My Legal Rights and Responsibilities Regarding My Driveway?

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I lease a lot on a lake and have a circle driveway in front of my house. Someone built a house next to my house 5 years ago and now the city says that I have to share this driveway with this person (they have their own driveway). The city says this is a turnaround and cannot be blocked by parked cars. I have maintained this driveway for 10 years, put down gravel each year, and have it bordered with railroad ties. The city never maintained it at all, yet now they say that it’s not my driveway and that it’s a public road and turnaround. What can I do?

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I would start by investigating the title history of the property and the driveway to find out the basis for this position the city has taken. Obviously, it’s important going forward that you know exactly what your legal rights and responsibilities are regarding this driveway. You will probably want to consult with an attorney on that.

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Author: House Attorney