What Are My Easement Rights?

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I live in a condo where my deed states that I have the “easement for the exclusive right to use the storage space.” I have enjoyed its use until the parking space adjacent to it was purchased. In a discussion with the property manager at that time, he and the trust decided to provide the neighbor with alternate arrangements to park his car, so as not to affect my access. The parking spot remained with the neighbor’s deed. Four years later, the new property manger and the established condo board decided that they would no longer accommodate this arrangement. This has affected my access to my deeded storage. Do I have a legitimate grievance?

I’m not entirely sure I understand the physical layout you’re describing, but I would certainly make the argument that you had an accommodation in place to balance the competing property rights of you and your parking-neighbor, and that you relied on that accommodation. And next time, when something like this comes up, it’s best to get it in writing.

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Author: House Attorney