Should my Friend Take a Plea Bargain for a Fatal Car Accident?

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“I have a friend that got into a car wreck and his best friend died in the accident my friend was the driver. So they tell him he is looking at 3-15 years and a felony homicide and they say he should take the plea bargain they have offered which is no jail time, 5 years probation, and 3 years loss of license. It just does not seem right to take that they will have a felon record for the rest of their life and this person was going to go to college and all that but now its put off if they even go to college. Also, there Father won’t help them out one bit. The Father has basically disowned them, but the police report states that the car had very bad breaks and the front 2 brakes has locked up in the time of the accident so they more then likely lost control and the driver went to there father and asked for a loan or there college money top fix the brakes but the father would not let them do it.”

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There does not seem to be a question here, however it seems as if your friend knew that they were driving a car with bad brakes which might fail, and so they took a chance when driving the car, and that chance ended up very tragically. If that is the case, then yes, they are responsible for the death of their friend. Would *you* get in a car with someone if that person said “Oh, by the way, my brakes might fail at any moment”? Now, what if they didn’t tell you, and you got into an accident?

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