Should I Modify My Child Custody Order to Protect My Son?

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My son’s father decided to adopt a pit bull puppy recently. I forewarned him that our son, who is nine-years-old, is afraid of all dogs with wide mouths. I specifically told him to avoid pit bulls, rottweilers, and mixes of these breeds. I have always been supportive of our son’s visitation with his father, even during times of legitimate issues which should have been brought in front of a court. He lives in Connecticut and us in Florida so he only has visitation five weeks during summer break and every other Christmas. Our son is now scared of going to his fathers this summer, the pit bull puppy will be a grown dog by then and will not know him. He has voiced this to his father and his father simply says he needs the puppy to help with his depression, therefore will not find another home for it. Can our son refuse visitation if he is traumatized that the pit bull is there? I would compensate by making arrangements for his father to visit him here in Florida without his pet.

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You can file a petition to modify your child custody order to better accommodate your son. The judge will review the circumstances of the case and make a determination as to how to best accommodate your son to ensure both parents are able to spend time with him.

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