Our Landlord has Harrassed, Threatened and Peeped On Us – What Should We Do?

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Question: Our landlord and I got into a argument, because of his constant harrasment, he then said he was going to punch me in the head (I am a small female), then 3 days after that argument, I caught him trying to peep in my bedroom window. We then found out he was claiming less then we were paying on his taxes, and we were claiming what we should. Yes we should move, but we were great friends and this is so hard, he is not playing fair, he has now given us a new lease, on it raised our rent by $200 a month, and put only 2 adults live here, when it is 3 and has been since we moved in, 4 years ago. And he gave us less then 30 days to pay the extra $200, and also put in there that if we move anything thatwe have in the yard stays, and he can come on or in the property anytime he wants. We have been good to him and taken wonderful care of the property, he has a disabled wife, and I used to help with her all the time, until I got ill myself, and could no longer help, that’s when thing went down hill. Please help!

Answer: You already know the answer, and you said it yourself. Move.

You also may want to consider calling the police, as your landlord has both threatened you with bodily harm and acted as a peeping tom. Neither of these are acceptable behaviors, regardless of his personal situation.