Neighbors Keep Claiming to Own My Land and Scaring Off Prospective Buyers

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“A piece of land which was taken for taxes in 1945 was then redeemed by an individual which sold the property in 1987, at which time the former owner’s family put a quitclaim deed on the property. In 1991 the property was sold with a clean title to another party from the redeemer. The new owner is now trying to sell the land and had another title search done which also comes back clean from a different attorney. The neighbors who put the quitclaim deed on the property in 1987 are telling each prospective buyer that they own the property and as soon as they start building, they will take them to land court, scaring off every potential buyer, because even though they are told they dont have a leg to stand on in land court, no builder wants to get tied up for a year in land court and sit on the money out of pocket. What is the best course of action to make this land saleable and get the neighbors out of the picture?”

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I would start by consulting with your attorney to see if you can negotiate some peace with the problem neighbor. Failing that, you may need to file a Quiet Title action (or something similar) to get a judicial declaration that the neighbor has no interest in the property.

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