My Soon to be Ex is Trying Damage my Reputation, What Can I Do?

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“My husband sent a letter to my attorney and requested of him to keep his (husband’s) new address as confidential information between the two of them….i.e….keep it from me. I had actually discovered his address using the USPO mail, upon my attorney’s advice and forward the information to my attorney months ago. My husband has our 17 year old son living with him and has been striving to paint a picture of my causing a ‘scene’ if I knew where they lived. He has seeded this thought among freinds, family, and anyone else he can reach. To attempt to do so with my attorney seems like desperation to me. Has my husband crossed a legal line here? Or how might a judge look at this?

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He has filed nothing in court regarding his ‘concern’ and has no basis. He is bent upon damaging my reputation and I will remain silent until a court date.. I have our two daughters living with me. He has not responded to the divorce papers, nor the following notice of default.”

Your attorney was likely not under a legal obligation to keep your ex’s address secret from you, and you knew it anyway, so what does it matter. Prove your soon-to-be-ex wrong. Don’t make a scene. Don’t stalk him or go past his house. Don’t put your children in the middle. Act like a very sane person who should not have a restraining order against her. Quietly take his default, and don’t look back. Hire people if you need to enforce the terms of the judgment regarding property division. Kill him with kindness in all your dealings regarding custody and visitation.

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