My Parents Abuse Me. How Do I File For Emancipation?

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‘I’m 16 and need to know how to file for emancipation in MA and get a lawyer if possible. I’m abused physically, mentally, and emotionally by my mother and mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically by my father. I’m scared for my safety here and I know if I stay I most likely won’t be alive by the time I graduate from high school. I’m currently applying for jobs and my friend is letting my move in with her once I’m emancipated for a place to live. She lives in CT and I’m from MA, so is it still possible for me to live with her? I need help badly, please. Mostly I just need to know how to file and get a lawyer.’

Question: You should immediately contact legal aid in your town, and also the Child Protection Services (CPS) of the Department of Social Services. Also, if there is a guidance counselor or other such person at your school, please talk to them about what is going on. While CPS will not be able to help you with emancipation, they *can* help you to get out of your current situation, and fast. Legal aid should be able to help you with looking into getting emancipated. Once you are emancipated, you should be able to go to stay with your friend in Connecticut, however it would not be a good idea to go there before being emancipated, as your parents may then be able to charge her with, among other things, kidnapping.