My Ex Just Submitted Four Year Old Medical Bills for Our Son. Can She Do That?

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‘I have been divorced for 4 years and my ex has never submitted any medical bills for our son. Now she wants to submit bills back for the past 4 years. In New York State is there a statute of limitations? If so can you give me the case law to support that?’

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The outcome will likely depend on whether your custody and support orders included a provision requiring her to submit the bills to you in a timely manner. If she failed to meet that requirement, the court would likely assign payment of those bills accordingly. It would behoove you to contact an attorney in your jurisdiction should your ex-wife take you to court over this matter.

We are not familiar with New York law specifically, but it is unlikely that a statute of limitations
would apply *if* you are obligated by your court order to share in the payment of medial bills.
Rather, the terms of your court order will control.

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