Landlord Refuses to Respond to Bedbugs and Roaches

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I have section 8 housing, and I live in a building that has been infested by bedbugs and roaches. Many times I have told the landlord to fumigate and to get rid of the tenant on the second floor because she lives in unsanitary conditions, and she keeps infesting the property. I’m tired of reporting this, and nothing is being done about it. I have gotten bit, and I had an allergic reaction to these bugs and have gotten sick. Please help, what can I do?

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If you haven’t already done so, make sure your requests to the landlord are in writing. You’ll want there to be a paper trail in case an argument arises later. Once you get past that:

Have you tried reporting this matter to the housing office which provides your vouchers? This may be a violation of the landlord’s contract with them.

Failing that, you may want to report this to your city or county’s code enforcement office. Infestation with vermin is probably a code violation.

Other, less aggressive options include looking for a local landlord-tenant mediation service, who may be able to bring your landlord to the table.

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Author: Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.

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