It has Been 10 Years Since I’ve Written a Bad Check but I Can’t Open a Checking Account, What Should I do?

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“I Have Written Bad Checks In The Past, And Now I Cannot Open Up A Checking Account. Will I Ever Be Able To Write Checks Again And Open Up Another Checking Account? Its Been Over 10 Years Are More. What Can I Do?”

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“Credit is a sacred trust … it’s what our free society is founded on.” Bud from Repo Man

You can probably be able to write checks again some day. You need to start rehabilitating your credit. The only way to build credit is to have it and pay it off responsibly over time. Did you eventually pay the bad checks eventually by paying restitution to the bank where you wrote the dishonored checks? You may have to make it right with the original bank to clear up your credit report. After you make it right with your original bank, there may be some banks that would be willing to let you open account (assuming a job and deposit amount) though that account may carry a fee. A quick search of the internet came up with an online bank or two that would allow you to open up a checking account even under the circumstances you describe as long as you were willing to have your checks direct deposited. If that is not an option, try keeping a savings account open for a while and you can always get money orders with cash.

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